Role Of Women In Today's World

Published: 27th January 2010
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Women of today are not women of yesterday-they are not just mothers and housewives but executives, Prime Ministers and Presidents of nations.

They have attained the position they could not even think about few years back, still why should they get special privileges when it comes to grants.

This is a question surfacing time and again among intellectuals and government circles but American Government is especially catering towards the development of women by making provisions of special grants for them.

Surveys and studies have brought to light one grim picture: Women as a disadvantaged sect where were born many feminist movements to instill the spark of individual thoughts and free ideologies among women.

Though they numbered around 51 per cent of the population yet they are facing time and again various hurdles in life, unfair practices like gender discrimination, harassment and underestimation only because they are women.

Still boys are favorites in many households across number of sects. Grants induce in women spirit to fight, motivate in them to cross all hurdles and attain whatever they want to achieve in life.

Billions of dollars are available as grant money for women to fulfill their needs and aspirations for investing in the talent, develop creativity, enhance their intellectuality and show their determination in their various industries and fields of study.

In the current year 2009, government has sanctioned staggering amount of over 20 Billion dollars for women as grants. Investment in women means embossing nation's rich society and culture in its various dimensions.

Business grants for women give them upper hand to fight back and assist them to get their fair deal in the unjust system and society.

Women entrepreneurs are also attaining an edge in the business world with more success rates at their anvil as a result government naturally would benefit more from tax income if it invests in women entrepreneurship. In the same way education grants assist women to make payments for college, tuition, books and even dorms.

These grants and many other of similar nature empower women with the capability to attain success in each of their future endeavor as a result more and more opportunities are getting opened for women as they are aware of the fact that grants would literally open the doors of their success.

There are various government grants, federal grants and loans all with a purpose to get the women their due share in whatever arena they want to enter without even returning back any money therefore we can say that grant for women is a necessity as well as privilege.

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